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DJ Grim Online (Still Under Construction)

More About The Label and It's Founder: DJ Grim

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More About The Label and It's Founder: DJ Grim
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 Now Playing."Do Or Die feat. Twista - Po' Pimp (SCREWED AND CHOPPED)"By DJ Grim - Furnished by: *DJ Grim* Bandwidth used with permission. žouthwest Houston still holdin`!!!  

This is the page where you get to know more about me and my how my label got started...
I currently have 7 artists signed to me right now...Their pages are comin' soon...
DJ Grim (Me) B*K*A Da Southwest Kingpin or King of da West
Flyguy (My Lil' Brotha)
Solja D.
Scuda A*K*A Philosophy
Chris A*K*A Long Goodiez
and Clepto a*k*a Lil' Sixx

I was born Nov. 6, 1984 in G-Town, Mississippi
Moved to Houston, TX in 1989 after my Grandma passed away.
The first place I ever lived when I moved to Houston: South Post Oak and Willowbend (Southwest Side)
Father: A Gangsta-Ass nigga from STL
Mother: A Gangsta-Ass Single Mother who raised a man...(Me)
Siblings: NONE
Family Size: LARGE over 62 relatives: Living, Nationwide, 22 Not Living
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Race: Black, French, Creole, and Cherokee



My name is DJ Grim, I am 20 years old from the Southwest side of Houston, TX.
 I started Crazyhouse Productions/G-Love Ent. in 1997, when I was just 12 years  old!!! It all started in Alief, TX (Better Known as S.W.A.T: South West Alief  Texas) I was staying in Forum Park, thats my hood, Right off of Beltway 8,    Anyway, I was inspired by a local rap/production group near me, but my BIGGEST influence was DJ Screw and the entire Screwed Up Click. I was listening to a DJ Screw "Grey Tape" When I heard this young new cat that Screwyu (DJ Screw) had introduced by the name of Z-Ro, who was also known as Joseph, when I heard his complex lyrics, tongue-twisting, and gangsta,but intellectual rhymes made me wear out my tape jammin' the shit outta that tape...*laughs* Anyways, I had a set of Technics SL-1200MK Pro Turntables with a Tape Recorder hooked up to 'em. I had been rappin' and freestyling since I was 7. One of my first freestyles was to the "Jump, Jump" beat by Kriss Kross...I'm a lil' embarrassed to admit that, but hey, I'm a G.
I started rappin everywhere I went, and eventually, my moms overheard me rappin' with a couple of my older cousins and I thought I was in trouble, But I was surprised that she actually supported me in DJ'ing and rapping. My mom is actually one of my inspirations, but don't tell her
Another inspiration is my crazy-ass Aunt Bettye, she used to freestyle rap about Christmas and Food items, and she ranked (tell insult jokes) on people in rap form...
Tell You More Later...


One of the S.U.C. members, and my favorite rapper, Z-Ro Tha Crooked @ TV Jewelry gettin his sh*t done by Paul Wall...Already

What I Do Here @ This Label...

I going to describe my job in a little more detail here. I hold the titles of: CEO, DJ, Artist, Producer, And Business Manager. It's hard, but I hustle and I gots 2 stay on my grind if I wanna be successful, right?
Exactly...Sometimes, me and my crew don't even get the sleep we want because we usually have long nights in da studio, or we'll be out all night at clubs and events promoting ourselves, but its worth it...I also do "Screwed and Chopped" Remixes for our label and other local and nationwide artists, much like the music on this page...

Some of My Favorite Sh*t

Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:
1:Menace II Society
2: Boyz N' The Hood
3:Livin' Da Life
4:In Livin' Color DVD
5: Chappelle's Show
6: CB4
7: I'll Tell you later...

Here's a list of some of my favorite music genres and artists:
Screwed and Chopped
Rap (Southern, West Coast, East Coast, Midwestern...Etc.)
Electronic (Techno, Trance, Trip-Hop, Electronica, Dance, etc...)
and yes, even Reggaeton...
Blink 187
Linkin Park
Lil' Jon & The Eastside Boyz
Lil' Scrappy
Mariah Carey
Bow Wow
Color Changin' Click
Chamillionaire & Paul Wall
Michael Jackson
Fatboy Slim
Guerilla Maab
DJ Screw
Fat Pat
Slim Thug
Snoop Dogg
Nate Dogg
50 Cent
Mobb Deep
Kanye West
and So Many More...

DJ Grim - G-Love Ent. Screwston, Tx
Est. 1997